Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Farsot - IIII (2007)

Farsot's album IIII is an alternatively furious and brooding germanic black metal offering full of maddened riffs, raging, oft-anguished rasps, groovy bass, and evocative, pleading guitar leads.

First, I'll toss out my only "dislike" about the album: the atmospheric transitions that bridge each section are pleasant, yet brief and unimportant. It would be nice to have more fleshed out interludes if the band uses these in the future - "Tod - Trauer" especially deserves more attention. This really isn't a gripe, just a possibility for the next album. The full songs, however, are exquisitely arranged, with masterful pacing and climaxing progression to drag you into their descent. According to the song titles, the album follows themes of hate, fear, death, and grief. "Thematik Hass" is, of course, the most violent of the songs, delivering an unflinching attack on life. This early furor slowly gives way as the album progresses and it discovers frailty and loss. IIII ends on a beautiful note with "Thematik Trauer," the remorseful, epic culmination of Farsot's emotional journey through existence.

Get this.