Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Bilskirnir - Wotansvolk (2007)

Hot on the heels of the Allied By Heathen Blood split with Hunok and following the Wolfswut EP, NSBM darling(s) Bilskirnir have dropped album number three, Wotansvolk.

Sporting a cleaner but quieter production, this release sees a slightly more melodious and sombre side emerging. Graveland-esque keyboard intro and title track marches us into the uplifting bravado of 'Weltenbrand'. For epic centrepieces 'Reconquering Atlantean Supremacy' and 'Nacht und Nebel', Widar shrieks and wails through the downcast descant, like a sepulchral stream of soothing ambience that flows through the wooded realms of Wotan.

A good solid realease and a bleak album that will serve well as the soundtrack of Autumnal depression.


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