Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Must Missa - Martyr Of Wrath (2007)

Given that Deströyer 666 are still going strong you'd think that the rest of the thrashing black masses would have given up and gone home. Estonia's Must Missa seem to think otherwise, with album number four of blackened thrash madness Martyr Of Wrath.

It's a thundering 35 minutes of chunky, chugging thrash. Like the soundtrack to a pissed up metalhead's wet dream, Must Missa seem to have found the perfect mix of traditional Darkthrone and trademark Tankard. 'Devil's Rejects' is a 'Too Old Too Cold' style riff spiral of poser lambasting while 'Here To Destroy' and 'Thristy And Mad' lay down a homage to hops and destruction. But, like a Die Hard movie without dialogue it remains entertaining yet hollow. With a riff palette barely as broad as Bush's vocabulary, only the thrashing faithful and mildly inebriated are likely to see it through a full spin.

Still, it's an album true to its roots that'll get you in the mood for crushing cans on your head and pissing in a wardrobe. Like McDonalds with the shits, it'll fill a hole but leave you feeling empty afterwards.


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