Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Blood Island Raiders - Blood Island Raiders (2007)

Blood Island Raiders are another London band, this time comprised of some well respected members of the local scene. Of particular interest (apart from resident Zakk Wylde lookalike guitarist "The Reverend") is the bassist Pete Theobalds, former (founding) member of Akercocke. Unfortunately this isn't corporate satanic progressive-stoner-doom-death metal. What we do have however, is some fine fist pumping mid-paced metal to smoke, drink and/or drive to.

Essentially its Orange Goblin with a hint of Viking Skull and a touch of The Fucking Champs paying homage to the traditional metal of The Obsessed and Trouble. Kicking off with 'I Am The King' and one of those stoner-tone riffs that it's impossible not to love, it sets you up nicely for the rest of the album. There's more than enough "Woah yeaaaaah! Alriiiiight!" to last you a six-pack and a few joints. You've got your usual crunch-driving riffage, tasteful soloage, Warren's meaty pipes and a groovy bass undercurrent throughout. In the spirit of scene comradery there's even a few guest spots; the epic six plus minutes of 'Rust' features the grindcore turned hippy guitar of Bill Steer, though I'm not entirely sure what Team Brick and MC Disaster Lung contribute.

Neither groundbreaking nor revolutionary, if you want layers of depth and complexity then you're looking in the wrong place - this is a boozy background album. Not something you'll spin often, but enjoyable when you do.


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