Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Senthil - Septisemesis EP (2007)

Alright, it's time for another funeral doom release that probably none of you will like, but that I absolutely love. Senthil is easily the most fucked-up band I've heard. Jumping right in with some Nattramn-esque shock factor, the singers in this Texan band purportedly choke themselves with chains to create some of the vocals, and you'll believe it listening to the music. Shrieks, choking, roaring, gurgles, and general throat-mutilation saturate their music as if it were a recording of the most disgusting torture ever performed in a mental ward. The music is suitably dirty, plodding, and pensive. This is stripped-down, gritty, suicidal blackened funeral doom, so don't be expecting anything close to complex songwriting. Atmosphere is everything here, and there's nothing quite as sick as this. Of note on this album are the toned-down presence of guitars and the increased usage of backing synths, creating a more subdued and thoughtful sound.

While I'm not sure if I like this more than their split with Bosque, Septisemesis shows a strong refinement of Senthil's sound, and a worthy new offering. Hopefully the recent loss of one of their guitarists to suicide won't cripple further material from these sick fuckers. Don't check this out if you have no love for the extreme slow n low.



JD said...

Sounds very cool, I'll DL and have a listen.

Githzerai said...

This is perfect. I've just been told to turn it down because it's torture.

META said...

haha awesome. If you guys like it check out their split with Bosque (The Bosque half is naff, but this Senthil stuff is probably my favourite) and their first demo, Crypticorifislit.