Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Sodomizer - The Dead Shall Rise To Kill (2007)

Screw this NWOAHM and "neo-thrash" bullshit, South America has been churning out endless amounts of kick ass 80s homage for years. Leather and bullet belt sporting Brazilians Sodomizer are no exception. If the cheesy arse chainsaw logo and comfortably generic cover didn't tip you off, this is an old school thrash fest with more riffs than Hetfields scrap book.

If the words Accept or Metal Church don't force an involuntary spasm of head-banging and a horns salute, this album might not be for you; this is by the book 80s thrash worship. Every aspect of this album oozes denim and bad hair with songs like 'Heavy Metal Horror' and 'Undead Revenge', resplendent with horror movie samples and cheesy intros . Its all about the tripartite riff pattern followed by a variation, Araya style screaming vocalizations and banshee wailing solos. 'Blessed By The Virus Of Death' is one of those "lull you into a false sense of security" openers, with a monk chant leading you into a slow strummed melody. Of course, just as you're getting comfortable in drops some trademark thrash riffage and an 'Angel Of Death' scream. Tastefully clean solos, rumbling bass and understated distortion carry this album through a time warp.

So, it's hardly original. And it's a little repetitive. But who gives a fuck? This is thrash. In an age where people are more interested in what colour Matt Heafy has painted his nails than the fact Lamb Of God are making a living butchering Testament riffs, we need bands like Sodomizer.


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Trudy said...

YOu seem like a pretty bright guy. Want a literature version of this type of metal which is anti-xtian. something spanking, sharp ON it? like nails it again and again?

Read Christopher Hitchens' "god is not Great".

five stars....