Saturday, August 4, 2007

The Pax Cecilia - Blessed are the Bonds (2007)

I'm not a huge fan of anything post-hardcore. I can enjoy small amounts of Envy and a couple other skram bands, but the genre has never really struck me as interesting. The Pax Cecilia, however, provide a fresh take on the style with the inclusion of neoclassical and ambient aspects. The first song, "The Tragedy," is one of the best on the album, creating a beautiful atmosphere using piano and strings. As opposed to most in this scene, the singer handles the soft vocals superbly. These low-key, thoughtful parts are the highlight of the band, and are spread well throughout the album. Eventually the song builds up to the typical chaotic, heavy skram climax, yet even these parts are relatively pleasant. "The Tomb Song" follows in much the same vein. The next two songs are more standard post-hardcore fare, providing nothing really interesting but still not of bad quality. From then on the album sticks to instrumental pieces, with vox only popping back in for the tranquil closing song.

Blessed are the Bonds really has a great atmosphere. It's also much more unique and intriguing than most post-hardcore, at least to me. The band is unsigned, and also sends out their album for free if you email them, so check em out and give some support.


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