Monday, August 20, 2007

Imperium Dekadenz - Daemmerung der Szenarien (2007)

Riding upon the momentum of last year's debut ...Und Die Welt Ward Kalt Und Leer, the German duo has returned with another work of misanthropic majesty. I hesitate to truly compare their sound to Austrian gods Summoning, since they lack the synthesized percussion, Tolkien lyrics and overall bombast of that outfit, but clearly Imperium Dekadenz is shouting at you from the same place...the distant castle walls and frosted, forested mountainous regions of legend.

Each of the anthems presents a wall of guitars backed by tasteful synths, over which the vocals of Horaz soar with a forgotten grace. The jangling ambient guitars and whispers of "Into Breathless Sleep" immediately part to herald the glories of "Der Dolche Im Gewande", and much of the album alternates between these mid-paced charges over the landscapes of eld, and softer acoustic counterparts. In short, the entire affair seems like a tribute to a lost German kingdom. Perhaps my favorite tune is "Nebelbrandung", unforgettable with its soaring, grim landscape and subtle touches of guitar melody and male choral vocals.

I translated the album title as "The Twilight Scenario" but I fail when it comes to the tongue of my distant Germanic forefathers so take that as you will. This is a solid album throughout, it will certainly appeal to fans of epic black metal, especially those of you who favor a good raw atmosphere over the highly produced battle metal coming out of Europe these days. Highest recommendations to fans of Summoning, Angantyr and Blood Fire Death-era Bathory.

I'd also recommend their debut, a killer they have not quite surpassed with this, but certainly equalled.



META said...

Aye, this is one damn good album. The acoustic breakdowns are really pleasant, kinda reminiscent of October Falls.

JD said...

HOT. Must have.

hero imprisoned said...

This is fucking good shit. Review's spot on, nothing to add but thumbs up from me.

Between this and Wormtongue I feel like I did when I first discovered black metal through early Satyricon.

Githzerai said...

Einfach erstaunlich!