Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Persecutor - Army Of Damned [Demo] (2007)

Hello Poland, how are you? Happily pumping out endless amounts of shit-hot death metal no doubt. While not necessarily of the same world renowned caliber, Poland has also been known to pump out some fairly competent thrash. Persecutor (not to be confused with Polish thrash metal band Persecutor) are another hybrid thrash affair, with a fairly seemless blend of death and black metal (mostly in the vocals) wrapped in a thrash shell.

Beginning the Blitzkrieg with some Cannibal Corpse meets DiGiorgio Testament tech-death-thrash, it's an impressive whirlwind cacophony of stop-start riffing, spiraling bass and banshee wailing guitar. 'Nuclear Hell' opens up with a riff more than a little similar to Pantera's 'A New Level', but ups the pace and adds an intriguing dual vocal layered assault. There's isn't a great deal of riff variation across this demo and the "solos" are fairly one dimensional but its enjoyable nonetheless. Insert generic statement about potential and full lengths here.


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