Thursday, August 16, 2007

Wormtongue - The Solstice Funeral EP (2007)

Hailing from the hotbed of black metal that is Richmond, Virginia we have one-man Wormtongue with The Solstice Funeral EP. Four lengthy tracks (and the ever present intro) of Tolkien influenced epic black metal with a folk leaning.

In fitting with the Tolkien influence this EP is driving black metal of epic scope. The songs flow between folksy acoustics and your usual tremolo fuelled distortion, supported by tastefully subtle keyboards. Hastoth also an ear for melody, none of the aggression is compromised as soaring guitar leads are delicately weaved into each composition. 'Year Of Cicada' is a particularly melodious affair, exuding an epic bombast only usually found within the unicorn riding realms of power metal. Each track appears to roll towards a climactic crescendo before retreating into an acoustic break or diaphanous keys.

Another wonderfully atmospheric slice of some of the best of black metal and probable contender for "EP Of The Year". The soundtrack of the Riders of Rohan.


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