Friday, July 13, 2007

Depressed Mode - Ghosts of Devotion (2007)

The Finns are at it again. By it, I, of course, mean crushing DOOO000oooOOOOOm. Depressed Mode certainly ascribe to the beautiful style of their countrymen. But whereas Shape of Despair focus their synths on ambience, Depressed Mode adopt a symphonic/classical edge to their music with piano and string-work, a la Remembrance. However, I'd have to say this is a much more polished and epic release than Frail Visions. Taking some cues from melodoom, Depressed Mode keep a slightly faster pace than typical funeral doom bands, serving to keep the music compelling. Vocals are very reminiscent of Evoken's dry, world-weary roars, which is not a bad thing. Not a bad thing at all.

The album proceeds much as you'd expect, with crushing waves and idyllic interludes. The track "Fallen Angel" does throw in some poppy electronic drums in the beginning, and there is a passable cover of Burzum's classic "Dunkelheit," although they oddly decided to change the keys to a far less interesting sound (amusingly, this funeral doom cover is shorter than the original). The classical elements blend smoothly, never becoming cheesy or pretentious, and are a welcome addition to the funeral formula. It is of note that Natalie Koskinen, of Shape of Despair fame, lends her lovely voice to this funereal debut.

Doom heils to the Finns once again - Firedoom adds another winner with Depressed Mode.

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