Monday, July 9, 2007

Hello World!

Artist - Title (Text size = large)
OH GOD DAMN THIS ALBUM IS SO SO SO SO SO SO BAD LIKE HOLY SHIT HOW CAN SOMETHING BE SO SO SO BAD? Review body text size = small. I think the album cover should be right aligned, but left alignment could work too. I'll work on this a bit more. Also, the labels should be the genre and artist name, I think. The little pencil at the bottom will let you edit this post! Also, comments are enabled.

- The Cheese

edit: also, the bar on the right should index the posts by the order they're made. I think one post per album would actually be better than a whole bunch of albums in a single post, to make it easier to browse. I'll start a real review when I finish tinkering with the layout.

EDIT AGAIN: Multiple accounts work good. Yay. I'm going to delete this post in a few days.

2 comments: said...

This is gay. I mean, come on.

META said...

Yeeuh boi