Saturday, July 21, 2007

Whisper-X - Warside (2007)

Home of Les Légions Noires and overall purveyors of quality black metal, France hasn't typically had the same associations in death metal circles. However, a recent surge of quality releases is giving us what seems to be Les Légions La Mort. Self-financed sophomore effort from the curiously named Whisper-X isn't quite there yet.

Possessing neither the hand cramping technical dexterity of Nile or the noodily prog wankery of recent Anata, what we have here ladies and gentleman is some fairly orthodox death metal. Reminiscent of Blood Red Throne both vocally and riffagely (sans Caspersen style bass antics), Warside won't be turning any heads opting instead to bludgeon them on the way past. Sprinkled with occasional breakdown and melodic respite it's all very much death by numbers. Indeed, there is more than one occasion of "hmm, that sounds awfully familiar". However, passages such as the groove tinged breakdown of 'No Remorse' and widdly melody of 'Ultim(h)ate' and 'The End Of...' are enough to raise a complacent eyebrow.

Another adequate album that'll get you to bang your head, even if you can't remember which bits had you banging when its over.


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