Monday, July 30, 2007

Todtgelichter - Schemen (2007)

Todtgelichter are equally familiar and unique sounding. Their take on black metal is slightly depressive, a touch more melodic, and almost eternally blasting. The guitars and bass have a warm sound, at least for black metal, and their lamenting tone can be highly reminiscent of Primordial. The drumming is busy, even during the slower passages, and does its job well. The singer provides quality Germanic rasping, often breaking into hoarser, more emotional styles. At times he reminds me a little bit of Envy, and there is a slight skram feel to the album. Extra touches, such as a folksy acoustic skram breakdown, samples (the song "Blutstern" uses a whale's song at one point, which makes me think of the movie Legend and is totally awesome because there is no trver black metal than that which invokes Satan and Unicorns), keys, and a girl singer, show up infrequently but are nice touches that instill some variation into the pacing. The production is of relatively high quality, clean and slightly warm, while still keeping that classic black metal sound.


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