Saturday, July 14, 2007

Gargara - Hellgoat [Demo] (2007)

Ignoring the stunningly original title, Hungarians Gargara have presented us with some choice cuts of black metal. You may be forgiven for assuming that opening track 'Monolith' is the worlds most unorthodox cover of Michael Jackson classic 'Beat It', but tasteful synth and a short industrial beat tease the track into a more blackened blast. The most immediately striking aspect of this particular demo is the production. It retains the grim credibility of your typical black metal release without delving into the muddy fuzz one usually expects from demos. Even the oft ignored bass is given room to breath for the mid-song melancholy of 'Pass Of Darkness'. The demo is driven forward by your normal tremolo antics while the leads bring a depressing undercurrent to the whole affair. 'Suffering Christian Bitch' and bonus track 'Hellgoat' aren't content to merely plod along however and force you to drop that razor blade and bang your head to some unexpected riffage.

All in all this is a wonderfully competent entry into a crowded market and I for one am looking forward to a full length. This only misses out on full marks due to a (dissappointing) lack of aesthetic originality and adherence to tired genre conventions. Musically it's top notch.


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