Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Annunaki - Throne of the Annunaki (2007)

Graaaaaaaaa! Ignore the badly drawn album cover this is total blackened-death-thrash dismemberment! New Jersey's Annunaki are a whirlwind riff machine, blasting their way through a simply stunning debut album. Released back in February I'm assuming this has earned them a coveted support slot for Immortal's upcoming east coast appearance. Featuring the drummer from 80s thrash metallers Blood Feast this album is non-stop wall to wall balls out metal. Kicking off with the kick to the face that is the tremolo fueled 'Through Chaos', it charges into a deathly riff breakdown before storming forward, kicking down your door and raping you in the eyesocket. As if that wasn't enough a banshee wailing, 80s style solo tears off your limbs and beats you to death with them. And then 'Eucharist' kicks in. And does it again. And again. And again. 'March Of The Militia Of The Dead', 'Blunt Scalpel Extraction', by the end of the album I felt as if I'd been face fucked by Cthulhu and given a chainsaw hand job. Equal parts Dark Funeral, Coroner and even a little Melechesh this is easily one of this years classics. I'm in danger of overstating this album so I'll stop. Get it. Get it now.


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JD said...

No way, my mage in WoW is named Annunaki... killer.