Friday, July 13, 2007

Reusmarkt - Echo (2006)

Echo: a very atmospheric symphonic black metal album from Ukraine's own Reusmarkt, a little-known four piece who cut a mean record. I'm not fucking around when I say Reusmarkt did with Echo EXACTLY what I want out of a black metal album. This is just beautiful, nearly perfect stuff. Actually, fuck it, this is perfect. Beautiful, sad, epic black metal (think Summoning or Shambless) interwoven with the sounds of nature, mostly birds chirping, hawks calling, thunder clapping, rainfall, just a plethora of different sounds all on top of some awesome symphonic BM. Vocals are superb, and I wish I could comment on the song titles or lyrics, but, either they're all untitled or they're in Russian and my media player doesn't get it.

My favorite track is #8, which fades in from the previous track into some beautiful, light acoustic work then proceeds to shred your face. There's even some death/doom type vocals at the end of the song, bringing on a unique feel. Track #9 is really cool as well, adding some soft ambient stuff, almost John Carpenter-like with the creepy synths over the sound of wind chimes and falling rain. God, so awesome. The vocals in the record seem to be pretty deep in the mix, which helps add to the dreaminess of it all. This really makes me want to go out into the woods while it's raining and worship thy Pagan gods! Hah. This album is pure goodness, and I can't possibly recommend it enough. Even if you're not into BM, check it out, it's a thing of beauty.


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Knyaz Taras said...

stupid asshole, this band is nsbm the complete opposite of communism, last i checked ukraine was democratic and they speak ukrainian not russian, this band included do your homework first douchebag before you spew your bullshit