Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Xentrifuge - Light Extinguished (2007)

Xentrifuge are a US-based ebm band that sound essentially like a slightly-noisier and rawer version of Wumpscut. They rely heavily on distortion and four-on-the-floor 909 bass kicks, which generally lends the music a deliciously dirty feeling, but at times makes it drag on forever. When the supporting samples and synths are going there is a great sense of dynamic atmosphere, and the music flows through your body without a thought (side-note: due to the base beat, Xentrifuge has quite the dance feel to it). However, I did get weary of the drumming on some songs, most notably on "Cerebral Ruins." Vocals are presented in a filtered whisper form, much like the recent Grendel album, but distorted to the tenth sub-level of cybercide. Much like the drums, the vox are very gratifying when everything is meshing, but somewhat repetitive on their own.

Light Extinguished is a dense, gritty foray into the dark corners of ebm. There is an evil intensity that permeates the music, moreso than most electronic artists on the hard end of the scale. Fans of Wumpscut, Aesthetic Perfection, Grendel, and Diary of Dreams will get some movement out of this one, as would hardstyle and hard trance lovers.


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