Thursday, July 12, 2007

Wedard - Eiskrieg EP (2007)

Tinny, cold, midpaced guitars and anguished shrieks are the soundtracks of those whose lives are lacking in prozac. You know the drill, folks - good ol dsbm. Wedard does very little to change the formula, yet this is by no means a bad thing in the case of this one-man German band. The production is extremely tinny, but very clean. The drumming is plain, possibly a drum machine but it doesn't quite sound like it. Vocals are light and high-pitched, lending the music a familiar dsbm feel while simultaneously giving it a unique edge. Piano and keys add a reminiscent atmosphere to the songs, either as backing sounds or in peaceful intermissions. It's all quite simple and concise, yet the songs show a good amount of variation.

My first thoughts as to describing this album were along the lines of a suicide in an indoor swimming pool. However, as I listened, the image came to me of children in Auschwitz being dragged away from their parents, crying for help, until only their screams echoing from the gas chambers can be heard. While it doesn't necessarily break any new barriers, this demo is damn solid and clocks in at over 25 minutes, and is a fairly sure bet for any lover of the depressive and suicidal.



hero imprisoned said...

really enjoyed this. wish it was a bit longer, but still quite good. i think a 5/5 is being a bit generous, but I'd give it a 4 without hesitation.

META said...

If you guys haven't noticed, I'm kind of a sucker for dsbm and funeral doom :P Yeah, this album isn't amazing, and I need to relisten to it and DtL to see how I feel now, but I just can't help it when I'm listening.