Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Zarach 'Baal' Tharagh/Demetrius Grave - Split (2007)

Nearly 60 demos, numerous splits and a couple of full lengths. You certainly can't fault Frenchman Luc Mertz's commitment to his Satanic lovechild Zarach 'Baal' Tharagh. Although not unloved by kvlties, ZBT is probably an unfortunate example of quantity over quality. The five tracks on offer are cut from the second demo Pure Evil Black Metal (an entirely accurate moniker). Musically, its probably everything that black metal should be: harsh, uncomfortable, and slightly disturbing. Droning buzzsaw riff(s), shrill, hate-filled rasping vocals and monotonous, blasting drums. It's just not particularly interesting (quite the understatement when compared to some of ZBT's fellow countrymen). Unless you pop a boner for all that is raw and underground, there's not much to offer.

Demetrius Grave
however, are an altogether more intriguing outfit. Self professed maker of 'Snuff Movie Soundtracks', Beliaazar aka Mr. Grave is the sole proprietor of this particular project. The ambient track isn't anything to shout about, but the twelve minute opus that is 'The Call Of The Window' defies classification. In fact, attempting describing it at all would taint the entire auditory experience. Just listen.

2/5 (1 point for effort, 1 point for the aforementioned track)

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