Monday, July 16, 2007

Otep - The Ascension (2007)

Fuck me in the arse with a Sequoia Branch of the Gorilla. Its 2007 and we still can't be rid of the commercially successful yet creatively detestable aural disease that is nu-metal. Otep have always been a favourite among the obese nu-goth crowd (you know the kind, 350 "modelling" photos on their MySpazz profile, each taken from an obscure angle to hide the fact they actually look like a whale in fancy dress) due to the female front-woman novelty factor. Frankly, if Otep Shamaya was Joan of Arc reincarnated it still wouldn't make a difference. This is complete and utter wank.

Pulling from every nu-angst cliche in the book Ascension is track after track of ear rapingly bad "metal". Semi-spoken word/rapped vocals, woefully generic lyrics of the "Boo hoo I'm so sad, look at my scars, but I'm angry and shit and I like cars
" kind, one finger riffs of downtuned tedium and that nu-metal bass sound. It sounds like shit, literally. As if the bassist has squatted, cheeks spread, over the fretboard and taken a dump. *Plop* *gurnng*, there we go bass recorded.

There are no redeeming qualities to this filth at all. There is absolutely nothing of merit, not even the half-assed Nirvana cover. Seriously, who covers Nirvana these days outside of badly put together Kerrang tribute albums? Contender for worst album of the year along with In This Moment.



Anonymous said...

In times like these I am just happy to have the new Deathspell Omega.

I wouldnt be so generous with Otep in the future.

-5 out of 10

META said...


Nuf said, leave it out back to die.