Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Dusk - Pray For Death (2007)

This is the fifth full length from these grim and frostbitten Hungarians. After a typically haunting intro (reminiscent of Sunn O))) al la Black One) it launches into the icy dirge of 'Örök Álmok'. An epic composition verging on the 20 minute mark it weaves a simple web of depressing melody built around the repetitive guitar lines and pounding drums. The buzzing repetition pulls you across the frozen wastes, as if the Frost Giant's Daughter herself were enticing you to follow. The misanthropic, snarling vocals of Shadow seeth with hatred, offsetting the hypnotic beauty of the driving guitar. The song closes amid screams of anguish atop the ever flowing melodies. This is truly desolate beauty.

Somewhat unfortunately, the rest of the album doesn't follow the template set by the opening track. An unrelenting black metal assault follows, stripping your skin like a blizzard of ice shards. It is only the soothing, slow burning closer that allows you to regain your breath, perhaps seeking the comfort of a wood fire in an isolated log cabin. The only issue here is the slight lack of variation. The depressing beauty of the opener is followed by a nigh on half hour onslaught, which left me slightly disappointed. 'Átérezni A Halált' has its moments, but a change of pace and/or slightly shorter tracks would have held my interest for the entirety of the album, rather than just the first half.

For fans of all things necro this is still well worth a listen. If you like your black metal cold and unrelenting, this is a good album. However, with slightly more variation from the other tracks it would be an excellent album.


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