Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Vorgrow - Black Metal Is Elitism [Demo] (2007)

Venezualen instrumental black metal. Now that's not a phrase I was expecting to use any time soon. Vorgrow are another fairly sombre affair, clearly it helps to be a miserable bastard if you wish to venture into the realms of black metal these days. We've got four fairly lengthy, numerically titled tracks on offer here and each manages to bring something a little different. Opening with a fairly calming effort comprised of looping clean guitar over a sporadic buzz, it has a slight Les Légions Noires feel. Following this is a sprawling track that's equal parts Graveland (the artificial drumming is similiar to 'Sons Of Fire and Steel') and Alcest with a bit of Darkthrone riffage thrown in for good measure. This is a demo that wears its influences on its sleeve; there's sprinklings of Immortal, a pinch of Enslaved, a touch of Peste Noire, the list goes on.

There is a soothingly epic feel across all of the compositions. Varying in pace, melody and cleanliness throughout, you can really hear the influences of numerous prolific black metal acts. The inclusion of vocals would probably improve the songs, however a lack does not necessarily hamper them. Either way this is a promising demo and another band whose full length I shall be looking forward too.



META said...

I saw this review and meant to check it out, but just now got to it. Very pleasant music, great stuff.

jeantotola said...

Vorgrow is Depressive Black Metal
It's musics are incredible!
Very good Venezuelan stuff!!

We can listen a very well made guitar sound, with creative drums playing...It is slow, but sometimes it gets quickly...

We can also listen to some changes made in the sound during the music, some different guitar's sounds and all...

Really good job done by J.H.

I think he just need to play something more sick, with mad vocals and all that stuff

Still, it's just a incredible project, I'm anxious for the Demo II